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Who Is Kev Jr.

Kev is a Dad, Brother, Uncle, Friend, and whoever else you need him to be. He found Photography later in life than most. As an Army Vet, A hard working blue collar worker, and all around great person Kev is a photographer with a very dynamic background. He has played music all his life, was in the Army as a Bomb Technician, as well as a Podcast Host. This Photographer has creativity OOZING out of him. 

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What Kev & His Team Are Able To Do

Kev and his team specialize in three categories. Senior Photos, High School Sports Photos (live action as well as composite form photos), and Creative Works (including models of all ages). This does not mean he won't be willing to take photos of you, your family, or your pets! Kev and his team are ALWAYS up for a challenge.

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