The THREE STEP Process

Step 1. Decide WHAT Photos and HOW MANY you want. 

Here is our new order form.

Step 2: Contact Me To Setup Order and Payment

There are a couple ways to get a hold of me. One is to Email me from the Contact Page. This will send me an email. I will then reach back out to you and double check your order. 

Another way is to get on Social Media (mainly FaceBook) and message me on there. You can find me on FB and on Instagram pretty easily. Just type in Kev Jr. Photography OR Kevin Packard. 

Step 3: Payment and Delivery

We accept PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. Those are the most convenient forms of payment. Both of us will have documentation of exchange. During our communication in Step 2, I will give you my info for these acceptable payment options. 

Some Coaches (If this is for Sports), May collect money if you want to pay by Cash. I also have no problem meeting up for Cash exchange. I will get you a receipt for this situation. 

Using Format